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Sunday, July 09, 2006



preñyako raviputraçca senä svarbhänupucchakau
evaà krameëa vai vipra süryädén pravicintayet 15
the servant, son of the sun, army Rahu and ketu.

Saturn is the son of the sun. The army is indicated by Rahu and Ketu. Rahu will be indicated by that force which moves beyond the boundaries of nations. Ketu will indicate that force which protects the border of the country itself. Ketu will also indicate that secret service of the country that works within the nation.
According to Saravali; Whichever of the graha’s are strong.
1. Also see 10th house ()
2. 10th from Moon (that which brings you to your workplace and indicates the source of ones wealth)
a. If the lord is Sun then the source is self, similarly see the people.
b. If the lord is in a movable Räçi/Naväàça the native will be required to travel far to work. The stronger of the Räçi/Naväàça will dominate the distance.
3. The Naväàça of the 10th lord from Moon will indicate those sources of family who will promise wealth.
a. The Naväàça dispositor of the 10th lord from Moon will promise wealth during its Dasa.
4. Kärakäàça (ones abilities or skills)
5. Dasäàça (actual karma yoga) ß Most accurate.
10th lord from the Moon will specifically show the source of Çri.
Example: Madhuri has 10th lord from Moon as Mars. Its in a Movable Räçi but Fixed Naväàça. Räçi dominates and she has moved a far distance to work. It is Mars and indicates that sources such as accidents are among the sources of wealth.
Example: Freedom Cole has 10th lord from Moon as Saturn (Capricorn). Saturn is in a movable Räçi and Naväàça indicating that he will move a far distance to work. Räçi is Cancer hence maternal figures/elderly women will play a crucial role in his wealth. The Capricorn Naväàça ensures that wealth will come from elderly people/couples.
Example: Visti Larsen has 10th lord from Moon as Mercury in Libra/Taurus. Libra being the 12th house is weaker than 11th house Taurus in Naväàça.
Example: Sanjay Rath has 10th lord from Moon as Mars/Ketu. Mars
Sun, Jupiter and Venus are strong during the day.
Moon, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, Rahu are strong during the night.
Should the malefics be badly placed during the night the negative effects will not be felt. I.e. malefics in Marana Karaka Sthäna from the Lagna will not be Marana towards the native. Instead see the Chara Karaka of that Graha, as that will suffer instead.
The 10th lord from Lagna will show the Karma Yoga one will do (with or without fruits) and its growth. See the sign, or if unoccupied see the lord. That karma yoga will be done by the native.
The 10th lord from Lagna will show that Karma Yoga which will give status.
If either of the 3: 10th from Lagna, Sun or Moon are connected ones work is bound to prosper.
Example: Freedom; 10th lord from Sun is Mercury placed in Mercuries Rasi and Capricorns Navamsa. Similarly the 10th lord from Moon is Saturn in Cancer/Capricorn. Hence Saturn bridges the link between 10th from Sun and 10th from Moon. Hence Saturn will be able to give wealth and status. It also happens to be 9th lord hence wearing a Neelam is a definite remedy for Rajya Yoga.
Wearing bands is more effective;
Sun & Mars; Copper
Moon & Venus; Silver
Mercury; mixed metals
Jupiter; Gold
Saturn; Led/iron
Dasamsa will tell the exact work one will do.
The 10th house will show the work one will like todo.
Example: Sanjay has Moon in 6th house and in Saturn Dasa, Moon Antara he joined Government Service. Mercury is in 10th house and being an enemy of the Moon shows that the native will begin to dislike the service indicated by the Moon in the Dasa of Mercury. From the beginning of Mercury Dasa the native began to dislike the job.
More Dasamsa;
See the 10th lord of Räçi chart in the Dasamsa. This will show the type of work:
Brahminical – Watery Signs
Kshatriya – Fiery
Vaishya – Earthy
Shudra – Airy (note the discrepancy between earthy vs vaishy and airy vs shudra)
Freedom Cole – 10th lord is in Pisces Dasamsa indicating very spiritual/brahminical work. Eric is into Shudra work. Zoran into Vaishya, Rajiv Gandhi – Shudra (that’s why he wasn’t interesting in ruling). Among the Shudra (service) signs, Aquarius indicates work where one is fully in charge. Incase of Gemini it indicates working with more people due to the duality of the sign. Leader of the group is the case with Libra.
Similarly we can see other lords in their respective Varga. i.e. Freedoms 7th lord of Räçi is in Pisces Naväàça. Hence he will expect a spouse of a very high level of spirituality. Note that 10th lord is also in Pisces Dasäàça hence the Piscean attitude repeats and he would expect his spouse to follow the path of a Karma Yoga.
Incase of Sanjay Rath: 7th lord Mercury is in Leo Navamsa. He tends to seek a spouse who will govern him. Be a Kñatriya. This is a wrong attitude. Venus being Käraka of the 7th lord is not comfortable in Leo and causes an imbalance which is normally needed in relationships. Eric has Venus as 7th lord placed in Taurus. This is the proper attitude as this is Vaishya Varna and makes a person very communicative and balancing attitude towards the spouse.

One must always protect the Graha which is the AK. The Kärakatva indicated by the AK must not suffer, or the native suffers. The reason being that the AK is God, and when AK Dasa comes then one must carry out Gods work.
Whether or not the person will be able to carry out this is dependant on the placement of the Kärakäàça from Naväàça Lagna.
The sign placement of the AK will show where one must go to achieve this purpose.
Using the planetary cabinet, we can see the results of War.
Using the Muhurta of when NATO attacked Serbia; March 23rd 1999, 8:05 – Belgrade – Note the two indicators of the army – Rahu and Ketu. Lagna is the Attacker and the 6th is the victim of the attack. The 7th house shows those who will defend the victim. Rahu is in 10th (hence Ketu in 4th) and Rahu will be favoring the Lagna because it has Dåñöi on the 6th (victim) and the one attempting to punish one (11th).

raktaçyämo divädhéço gauragätro niçäkaraù
nätyuccäìgaù kujo rakto dürväçyämo budhastathä 16
maroon sun fairbodied moon. mars blood red dried durva graas (chocolate brown) mercury.

gauragätro gururjïeyaù çukraù çyävastathaiva ca
kåñëadeho raveù putro jïäyate dvijasattama 17
fairbodied jupiter know venus dark complexion and. Black son of saturn is known greatest among twiceborn.

Varnas/colors of planets
The Chandra-Naväàça will indicate the color of the native, according to classics. This doesn’t seem to work. New formula from the village Pandit; Take the Lagna degree and divide it into 2. count the resultant sign from the Lagna. This will indicate the color in comparison to the family.
This sign will indicate the seed which caused the natives creation.
Sanjay Rath is darker than his family/siblings. The lagna degree is 14 degrees, and divided by 2 gives 7++. Hence the 8th sign from the Lagna will indicate that his complexion is much darker than that of the family.
Use with Katapayadi Varga
Find the Räçi indicated by the name after Katapayadi Varga must be linked to that which caused ones seed of creation. Incase of Sanjaya the sign is Libra and that is also the seed of his creation. Incase of Barabara the seed is Capricorn and the name is Leo. Sun is in Capricorn hence the link. Incase of Visöi the name is Taurus and the seed is Sag – Venus is in Sag hence the link again. We can use this to rectify charts.
Results of swearing in charts
Example 1: Swearing in chart of Vajpayee. The Sun is the focus being the indicator of the king in the chart, and is well placed in the 11th house. It is furthermore the temporary king (AK) and will surely confer long lasting power. Since the 10th lord (opposition) is also the Sun the champion of the opposition will be favoring the Sun and hence Vajpayee.
The PiK shows the promises made by the government which comes into power. Incase of Vajpayee, Moon in 9th lord hence a promise regarding the establishment of dharma or building of a Rama temple is indicated. However Jupiter replaces this PiK hence the focus went on 2nd and 5th houses matters.
Example 2: Swearing in chart of GB: The Sun is strong ensuring that the naturally expected tenure (4 years) will last. The Lagna lord is in Marana Karaka Sthäna showing that the reputation of the person under consideration will not be auspicious. Similarly see the AK-Moon in Marana Karaka Sthäna. Suns position in its own Äñöakavarga receives Bindus from all grahas except Mercury – hence only mercury will be able to pull down the Sun.
Mercury is the competition and is the karaka for 10th house. Among the Chara Karakas AmK is the Karaka for the 10th house as well and should be seen along with Naisargika Amk – Jup. Mercury is in 10th, 10th lord (Saturn) is joined Jupiter in a trine. These 2 facts are very powerful indicators for the opposition’s power and will fight against the current government indicated by Mars (lagna lord) Moon (AK) and Sun (Naisargika AK). These same planets strength must be viewed in the election time chart to see how the opposition will be able to sway/win the elections.
The King is the AK.
The opposition if the government is the Amatya Karaka.
The policy of the nation will be seen from Bhratri Karaka.
The home/mental peace will be seen from Matri Karaka.
The values of the nation, and the promises made by the government will be indicated by Pitri Karaka.
The close neighbors of the nation (family) are indicated by Jnati Karaka.
The relationships/partners of the nation in business or war (ex. NATO) are indicated by Dara Karaka.
In the swearing in chart the Moon is the focal point as this
When Saturn is retrograde in a mundane chart the opposition will be dysfunctional.
The outer planets will become retrograde when the Sun is transiting the 5th house from them. They will become direct again when transiting the 9th house from them.


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