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Gestures, Movements and Posture of the Querist.

As said earlier during the time of meeting of the querist and as-trologer a third invisible cosmic force is controlling the querist’s move-ments and mental disposition and as such he has no control over his actions during that time. So if the gestures and movements of the querist are keenly and discriminatingly observed and analysed the astrologer can get the clue of the planetary force operating upon him at that time favourably or unfavourably.
If the querist twists, rubs, beats his body, appears emotional, an-gry, turns his face aside, forgets the matter to be discussed with astrolo-ger, the results will be unfavourable. So also if the querist beats some-where on his body, if some destructive thoughts cross his mind or some destructive phenomenon is seen in the near vicinity it indicates bad results. If the astrologer or querist feels sleepy, hairs unlocked or well shaven, some cuts or wounds in the body, engaged in cutting or pierc-ing or breaking some thing, performing a homa , hold the hands to-gether, rub the eyes, and engaged in one or other unnatural activit~is in a melancholic mood these omens are not conducive to good results. The nature of activity in which the astrologer is engaged when the querist approaches him has also a bearing in the result of the query. If the as-trologer is tearing something, writing on ground with nails, oiling the body, pre-pairing for a bath, collecting cow dung, ashes, suffering from some disease, uttering harsh and unholy words, offering oblations to fore fathers and other departed souls, the outcome of the query will not be good. So also the querist should not possess unwholesome things like, materials intended for funerals.
Facial expression of the querist
The facial expression of the querist also gives advanced infor-

mation about the outcome of the query. Anger, fatigue, helplessness, sorrow, mental agony are unfavourable signs. The querist should be handsome, of good lineage, pleasant and hail and healthy. His eyes be directed towards astrologer, his eyes should not wander aimlessly up-wards and downwards; he should put questions fixing the eyes on the eyes of the astrologer. It is said that if a messenger is sent to the astrolo-ger in stead of the querist, as far as possible the messenger should be resembling the querist in aspects like status, caste and other accom-plishments.

The dress of the querist

The dress and over all individuality of the querist also have a bearing on the outcome of the query. He should not be wearing wet clothes; The dress should not be torn, unclean, reddish or bluish in col-our; he should not bear unwholesome things; he should be wearing flow-ers or other fragrant materials; should not bring destructive ideas in mind at that time; on the whole his countenance should be majestic and attractive.
The experiences and feelings of both astrologer and querist and the small incidents taking place at the time and place of query.
The experiences and mental feelings of the astrologer as well as the querist prevailing at the time of query and the casual incidents at that time indicate the nature of the results of query as they are regulated by the cosmic energy prevailing there. For example during the query regarding marriage if a couple or two persons jointly come there or somebody brings new clothes, it is conducive to marriage. On the con-trary if some body is seen putting a stick in a hole it indicates that the girl is immoral. So also in a query regarding progeny if a child comes to the place in a playful mood, or somebody brings articles for child play or teaching or writing materials, a pregnant lady coming to the spot indicate the gain of child. If somebody is seen leaving the place it indi-cates abortion of pregnancy. If during a query about a chronic disease if somebody is found leaving the place he can be considered as represent-ing the life force of the sick person and death can be anticipated.

Vimrudithakarayugmah sraanthadaehothimushtih
Valthavadanakoct vaa vismruthaswaartthclkoa vaa
Nigadathiyadasaesham thath vinasyathyavclsyam
Hasthow dhunvan vimradnamscha thirascheenarnukhah
Vismruthaswaarttha ithyaethaih yath prushtam thadvinasyathi
Swclamgaeshu anyathra vaa dravyae gaadtasanthaadanam
Mruthyudam layalingaanaam chmthaekshaasravanaadikam
Supthae mukthakachae suchow mrudathi vaa bhagnaananae
Nagnae chindathi bhindathi dravathi vaa vahnow
Doothae hasthapadaamscha bandhanaparae dokshnaakshi
Deenae kaashtathrunaadimardanaparae na syaadvichaarah
Paasoadwarthanakae nakhairlikhathi vaapyuthsaarithae
Vasthrapraavruthakandharae cha malinae rookshaasubha
Prasnoa naiva subhaaya nirvapathi vaa pindaan paraethaan
Srungasyaapi cha vaahakae cha vikalae sammarjineedhaarini
Praethaalaitkruthisoorpapaasamllsalaan bhartharyupaethae
Daivagnaepi cha prucchakae na cha subhoa gnaeyoavichaarah
Dowrmtlkhyam vadanaaroodta soak koapasramaadibhih
Vaimanasyam cha doothasya yaenakaenaapi doashakruth
Sundarascha kuleenascha vinayee cha niraamayah
Suprasannascha doothaschaethprashtaa sukhamavapnuyath
S-wastihaarnaa suprasannah suthanah

Avyagroanmeelithaakshah sudrudtasubhapadaartthaekshanah
Saavoordhwaadhoadrushtiheenah subhamiha vipareethasthu
duhkham prayaathi. Thoayaardrabhinnaaruncineelavaascicih Rakthaprasoonabhrudapi vyasanam prayaathi Vaasah sitham surabhi gowrasumaanulaepa bhooshaam dadhaccha khalu mangalamaethi noonam.
Prasnaeyaduchyathaeyaccha srooyathaeyaccha drusyathcte
Thathsaadrusyaena sakalamprashturvaachyam subhaasubham
Yasya kasyaapi kaaryasyapriicchaayaam prastthithaavapi
Thathkclaryasaadhanam vasthu drushtam chaeth thattha
Pithrupushpam thilam vahnih noothanam vasanam thatthaa
Darbhadadhyaadi nikhilam sambhruthampithrukarmanae
Maranaanantharaapaeksham dravyam sakalam thu thath
Aethaeshaam darsanam noonam Aayuhprasnae

Omens seen at the time and Place of Query

In Indian astrology omen” means the sights or sounds that are
observed at the place of query during the time of query or on the way to
the place of query. These furnish clues to the astrologer to decide the
favourable or unfavourable out come of the query. For example in a
query regarding the curability of a serious disease if the oil lamp is
quenched automatically the inference is the death of the patient. During
the query about the possibility of compromise in a case if somebody
leaves the place of query during the time of query it indicates the effort
will not fructify. During the progress of query the following omens are

considered bad. Somebody screaming in pain and agony, somebody falling on the ground, flags falling, breaking of umbrella, slipper, tear-ing of cloth,hearing of words connected with destruction, waterful pot falling on ground and breaking and happenings which are not pleasant to the mind indicate bad results. At the time of query if cats, owls,snakes,are seen on the left side it is bad. The cry of lizard, sneez-ing of persons are also considered bad.
The following are considered good omens. Sounds of musical instruments like veena, flute, drum,conch, general musical sounds pleasing to the ear, beautiful women, dancing girls, coloured rice, sugarcane, sandal paste, doorvaa grass, water-fill pots, flowers, gar-lands, fruits, virgins, bells, lights, lotus flowers etc. Umbrella, arches, beautiful carriages, hymns, prayer, chanting of vaedas, a cow with a rope, a bull, mirror, gold, cow with a calf, fresh mud taken for religious purposes, learned men. In short all agreeable things, to ears and eyes are considered good omen.
Had haa khaedaravarn kshutham chapathanam
Krooraanaam mrugapakshinaamprathidisam vaachascha
Paatham poornaghataadikasya cha budhaah kashtam
nimittham viduh.
Veenadvaenumrudangasankhapataham dhwaanam cha
Geetham mangdlam anganaam cha gdnikaam dddhydkshd
Doorvaachandandpoornakumbhdkltsumam maalaam phdlam
Ghantaam deepasdroaruhae cha subhadam vidyaanmmittham
Cchathram thoaranahrudyayaanasakatam sthoathram cha
Baddham chaikapasum vrusham cha makuram swarnam
savathsaam cha gaam
Bhakthyaa choaddhriithamrutthikaam badhavaram
yacchaanyadishtam srutham


Drushtam sroathradrusoah subham thadakhilam prasnae
nimittham viduh

Starting of the Astrologer to the place of Query and his experiences on the way

Usually the query is conducted at two places, either in the house or office of the astrologer or the house of the querist. When it is to be conducted at the house of querist, the latter will have to first approach the astrologer and fix a day and time for query. And according to the appointment fixed the astrologer starts from his house to the place of query on the appointed day and time . On both the occasions- the meet-ing of the astrologer by the querist and at the time when the astrologer starts from house for the conduct of query the following are to be keenly observed by astrologer. 1. His experience on the way, 2.Persons met on the way, 3.0mens favourable or unfavourable.seen, 4.Articles like um-brella and walking stick falling and legs or head dashing against some-thing. 5.Somebody calling from behind. 6. Somebody saying stop, donot go. These are very bad omens. So also cotton, medicine, black-gram, salt, net, trap, other destructive appliances, ashes, burning charcoal, iron, butter milk, serpents, foul smell, night soil, vomit, dirt, mad man, sick man, idiot, blind man, deaf or dumb man, a eunuch, ascetic, all these are bad omens. If a serpent, a cat, alligator, mongoose, monkey, cuts the way of the astrologer, it portends unhappy things. The following are good omens. Raw flesh, liquor, honey, ghee, white clothes, white ointment, jewels, elephant, birds, horse, king, prosperous family man, deities in procession, white cowries, delicious food or drink, two Brah-mins, dead body, burning fire or good omens.

Entry of astrologer at the place of query

As the astrologer enters the place of query regarding a
chronic disease if some other person goes out through the same way through which the astrologer entered it indicates the departure of the soul of the patient(death).lf another person enters through the samr gate the patient will not die. While entering the place of query the astrologer hears the chanting ofVaedas, cow or bull mooing sweetly,fragrant breeze flowing, it is good omen. On the contrary if he hears the sound of uten-sils falling or breakmg,he sees the chairs and other seats placed up-turned, the lamp quenches even without air ,and fire extinguishes in the oven the death of the patient is sure.
Nirgacchathoambaram sangamaethi bhoomow pathaeccha vaa
Cchathraadyam yath karasttham vaa bhavaedaevaasubhaaya
thath Aagatcha thishtta maa gatcha proviso kwa nu gatchasi lthyaadivaachahprasthaanae bhavanthyasubhaclao dradtam.
Paashaanaadishiipaada”ikhalanam sthambhaadikae thafthoa
Naeshtam mrgamanaenyaanyapi chmthyaani loakasiddhaani
Bhasmaangaaramayascha thakramuragam poothim cha
Yadyaddrungmanasoaramshtamakhilam kashtam nimittham
Patthacchaedoo he maarjaaragoadhaanakulavaanaraih
Surshapaendhanapaashltana thrunaaneethischa dooshukruth

Aamam maamsamatthaasavarn madhughruthae dhowtha-
RathnaebhadwiJ’avciajincischa nrupathim samvardhamaanam
Daevarn paandarachaamaram sumadhurasnigdhaannapanae
Viprow chaJwaladagnimathra subhadam vidyaannimittham
Aarthaalayam visathi daivavideetha aethaddwaaraa niraethi
yadi koapi Sarunginriyaetha
Dwaaraa thayaiva visatheehayadeetharaschaethjeevaeth sa
noonam lthi mae gurunoapadishtam.
Vaedaadhyanaghoashascha thatthaa punyaahaniswanah
Gandhascha surabhirvaayuh sukhasparsahpradakshinclh
Vrushasya chaanuloamasya swanasthadwath gavaamapi
Pravaesasamayae prashtnh aaroagyacldiphalaapthayae
Sayanaasanayclanaanam uthaanaanaam cha darsanam
Nyubjaclnaamitharaeshaam cha paathraadeenaamasoabhanam
Aathurasya gruhaeyasya bhidyanthae vaapathanthi vaa
Athimaclthramamathraani durtabham thasyajeevitham
Nivaathae deepanaasah syaath mandiraeyasya roaginah
Sa najeevathi chulyaadow chaagninaasah satheendhanae

Conducting the prasna
Choice of the place for conducting prasna.

The place to be selected for prasna should be clean, pleasing,
serene. The atmosphere should be calm and quiet. There should be flow-
ering plants and gentle and fragrant breeze should be flowing. It should
be plain and sanctified by sprinkling cowdung water. The place should
be such where usually auspicious functions are conducted. Query con-
ducted in such a place will fulfill the ambitions of the querist. A place
in the midst of a jungle, near cemetary, full of ups and downs, haunted

by ghosts, disgusting, burnt out places, places full of hair, bones, char-coal, etc. should not be selected for conducting query. Query conducted in such haunted places will not give good results.
Preparations for the conduct of query
Astrologer should have taken bath; he should be dressed in white cloth; he should wear sacred ashes on the fore head; he should be seated with ease facing the east direction without tension on any limb. In mind he must bow to preceptor and god. While commencing the preparations he should careftilly observe the omens seen around. The suitable time for query is not too early in the morning and not too late in the mid-noon.it is to be conducted when the Sun is bright and pleasing.
Assembling the materials for queiy.
He must ask somebody to bring the required articles to the place
of query which are already collected and kept ready.The following are
the articles required for an Ashtamangalaprasna and other prasnas as
1.Lamp.dndian style)
2.011 and wicks,
3.Raw cloth
4.A brass vessel containg 8 auspicious items viz, 1.a small metal box 2.gold, 3.palm leaf book, 4.flower, 5-akshatham, 6.mirror with tail, 7.fruits, S.betel leaves..( because of these 8 auspicious articles the query is named ashtamangalaprasna, ashtamangala means eight aus-picious articles)
5.Utensils for pooja,
7.Nivaedya to be offered to deities,
8.Turmeric powder,
9.Rice flour,
10 Sandal paste,
12.Match box. and
13. Bowl filled by white rice (called nirapara in malayaalam)
14.Nivedya- articles to be offered to deity in pooja..

Material brought first

If among the materials intended for query if the person brings ashes first it forebodes evil to the querist like death in a query about diseases. If lamp or flowers are brought first it fore bodes good.
Lighting the lamp and nature offlame.
In all prasnas and other auspicious functions a burning lamp is
most important. (The lamp gets its importance only when it is being
lighted. The unlighted lamp has no importance); it represents the deity;
the oil in the lamp indicates the blood in the body of the querist; the
wick in the lamp is the soul; the brightness or dimness of the light rep-
resents the goods and bads of the queryst: the cup of the lamp is the
body of the person; if there are dead creatures in the oil the person is
suffering from diseases caused by germs: if there is ftill oil the person
is fully healthy: if the wicks are twined together he suffers from windy
diseases: if the flame is bright and uniformly long the person is long-
lived. If the oil is leaking pilfrage of money is taking place in the house
of the person: if the lamp is moved from the original place he has
changed the old residence: if the flame of the lamp moves in anti-clock-
wise direction Jf it is not bright; if it emits sparks, the flame is too
small or broken, if it suddenly extinguishes in spite of oil and wicks, if
it makes sounds while burning, if it shakes to and fro this is not good
for the queryst. On the contrary if the flame is dense, steadily is going
upwards, moves in clockwise, steady and bright, no sound is produced,
ifis beautiful to look at, burns straight, then prosperity and plenty can
be predicted to the querist. If the flame turns to east, the querist’s ambi-
tions are fulfilled: if south east fear of fire, if south death, if south west
diseases, if west mental peace, if north west wasteful attempts, if north
defeating the death and if north east good experiences. The nature of
the lamp and flames should be noted by the astrologer or his assistants
because it helps in the delineation of results of query.2

Drawing the chart

As a natal chart is prepared for the time of birth , a chart should be prepared for the time of query also.This chart is intended to mark the position of planets and ascendant at the time of query. (There is slight difference in the charts of natal and query which will be described later). The astrologer himself does not draw the chart. He asks somebody else to draw the chart. The chart is usually drawn with ashes or rice flour. Some are of the view that since the ashes are connected with death. ashes should not be used in drawing charts. It is better to use rice flour for the purpose.
Method of drawing
First draw five horizontal lines of 4 inches length: draw similar five vertical lines over them; then there will be 16 columns; keep the middle columns in the shape of lotus petals as the seat of lord mahaeswara; the rest 12 columns are signs. Below is given a chart. This is the south indian style. The north Indian style is entirely different. Draw a square first draw another square diagonally inside the former square. Then draw two diogonal lines from the corner of the square. Example chart is given below.

Observing the drawing of chart

The astrologer should keenly observe the way of drawing the
chart.lfthe lines of the chart are thick they indicate happiness;thin lines
indicate sorrow; broken lines indicate obstacles in the work.lfthe north-
ern line is drawn first it indicates rnonetary.gaii~is.western line fore-
bodes sickness; eastern line indicates progeny and southern line death.
Chart representing the querist, his house, compound etc.
If any portion in the chart is found to be a little raised or de-pressed it indicates an elevated plot or deep pit in the compound of the querist. The grass in the chart indicates trees in the compound. If the chart is wet there are ponds and wells in the compound-lf there is a piece of stone there are rocks in the compound-Small particles of sand in the chart indicate ant hills in the compound.”
Indications from the action of the person after drawing the
After drawing the chart if the person gives away anything to any person it indicates that the property of the questioner is to be sold away in the near filture. If he receives anything from anybody he will get landed property. If he raises his hands up there are trees in his land. If he wears rings in fingers it indicates creepers in the trees there. If he clenches his fist the trees have only stumps and no leaves. If he touches his hair or moustache there are kusa or darbha grass in the compound.
If he touches his perspiring body there is plenty of water. If he places
his hand in armpit or anus the water in the compound is bad. If he raises
his arms too high the trees there are tall. If he touches the knees or other
bony parts of the body then there are stones and bones in the com-
pound. If he touches depressed limbs it indicates ponds and rivers in
the compound.

Other omens

Tthe persons standing around the querist at the time of query indicate the number and type of persons who reside near his house. If a man bearing a bow comes there, say that there is a temple of lord Saastha in that direction. If a woman comes, there is a Devi temple in that direc-tion from where the lady appeared. If a Brahmin comes, there is a brahmarakshas in that direction from the house of the querist. If a wicked man comes it indicates fear from a robber.”

l.prasnaanvsttaanasambhaarasabhruthov/praak thu bhasmanah
Aaneethib mruthidacirthcisya deepasya thu subhapradaa
Snaathwaa dhriithasith(ivaasaah dhruthabhasmaa
prangmukhah sukhaaseenah
Aaloachyaatthcl nimitthamprasnampraarabhaetha guru
Swastthachitthoa vivikthastthah samabbyarchya navagrahaan
Ssoryaabhimukha cnisithwaa mownee samyak hrudeeswaram
Dhyaayan aaloachya sakunaanprasnampraarabhathaam
Sarvaprasnaeshu sarvaeshu karmaswapi visaeshathah
1.Prasaodaenaiva deepasya bhavishyclthphalam aadisaeth
Snaehoa yasyaeha dahoa bhavathi thadudarae varthinee
Jwaalaa chaayusthadeeycie vimalamalinathae sowkhyaduhkhae
Poathram gahham sameeroa mruduparushagunoa bandhu
Prashturvruttham nikaamaam pisunayathi
mahaodaevathdathmaa sa deepah
2. Vaamaavarthoa malinakiranah sasphulingoalpamoorthih
Kshipram naasam vrajathi vimalclsnoehavarthyanwithoapi
Deepah paapam katthayathiphalam sabdavaan vaepatthuscha
Vyaadeernaarchirvimalamasakruth yascha naasam prayaathi
Deepah samhathamoorthiraayathathanuh nirvaepatthur
.Nissabdoa ruchirahpradakshinagathih vaidoorya
Lakshmeem kshipramabhivyanakthi ruchiraam
yaschoacchikhoa drusyathae
Saesham lakshanamagnUakshanasarnam yoajyam
2.Poorvaebhipraethadaathree sikhini sikhibhayam dakshinae
Nairruthyaam vismruthih syaath varunadisi sikhaa saanthidaa
Soonyaa mruthyunjayee syaath shanadadisi thatthaa sam
vidhatthae sivaakhyae

Vahnaeroordhwaa sikhaishaa vitharathi vapushoarishtava
sfhooni sadyah
S.Pradakshinathayaa kaaryam raasichah-avilclekhanam
Anuloclmaviloamaena laekhanae vighnasambhavah
Kaechinnindanthi daivagnaah bhasmanaa chakralclekhanam
Thatthaapi thathra bhasmaivgriihncinthi bahavodhunaa
Stthoolaraekhaa subhakaree sookshmaa duhkhapradciayinee
Raekhaacchaedo bhavaethprashtuh sukhakaaryavikhaathclkah
Likhithaa sowmyaraekhaclpraakyadi noonam dhanaagamah
Vaaruneeyadi roagaapthih aindree chaeth santhathih
3.Aayaanaena dhanushmathoathra harithi stthaanam cha
Daevyaasthaddisi yoashithah kuprutthukaayaanae
Vipraccyaanae brahmarakshoanivaasah choaroatthaopad
Doothasyaithath sambhavaed yaddisaayaam
prashturdhaamnah thadphalam thaddisi syaath
Yaamyaraekhclayadi bhavaeth maranaayaivaprucchathaam
4.Chakraeyathra thrunaani thathra tharavah
thathraambusikthae lalam
Graavaayathra silaehayathra sikathaah thathra stthalam
Kaeraa vaakhalu naalikaerasadrusaakaaraahparae
Valmeekoathra pipeelikaahruthamrudoa yathraivamaadisya
prashtah kshithaerlakshma vichaaraneeyam
5. Vilikhya chakrampradadaathi kinchith dravyamparasmai
Paraswathaamaeshyathi yath parasmaadaadaartamanya
Yadyaddharaeth swaabhimukham prasaarya hastham nagaah
Yadi saamguleeyam karah sa valleeparivaeshtithaamgah
Kakshaapaanasparsanae vaari dushtam bahhonnathyaa
hhnnrilhnfithp.pvfi deerphaa
Hasthaanathyaam fhalhra vrukshoathikharvoa loahaani ,sparsanae danthakhaanaam
Jaanwaadikaemgaestthiy’uthae sprusaecchaeth
Naabhyaadmimnactvayavaabhimarsae subhaanwithaa
prucchakabhooh sakulyaa
6.Drusyanthae disiyathrayathra manujacl doothasya vishwak
Dikshu aaswaasu gruhaani santhi sadrtlsaajaclthyaa cha thaih


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