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The Examination of the Breath (Swara) of Astrologer

After ascertaining the nature of the time and place ofprasna when
the astrologer starts the formalities of prasna. At the out set he should
examine the flow of his breath at the time of query. This breath of as-
trologer is called Swara or Swaasa. In Malayalam language it is called
Sara. Swara is the breath of the astrologer which passes either through
his left or right nostril during the question asked to him by the querist or
his messenger. Though in human physiology the breath is considered as
only a bodily feature to enliven the body mechanism. But in Yoaga
saasthra ‘swara’ is connected with every activity of man and his envi-
ronment. It indicates even the slightest fluctuation in the balance of the
cosmic force that guides the destiny of human beings. As a barometer
denotes even the slightest change in the atmosphere around us, the breath
indicates to the adept astrologer the cosmic changes taking place in the
atmosphere at the time of query. There is an invisible reciprocative rela-
tion between the environment and the breath of the astrologer. Breath has
been studied in depth in Yoagasaasthra. Sivaswaroadaya and Swara rathnaavali are the two famous books in this field. For an astrologer and physician particularly treating poison the knowledge of the swara saasthra (science of breath) is essential.
It is said that there are three kinds of breaths in man; }.idaa,
2-Pingalaa; S.Sushumnaa,
The breath passing through the left nostril is idaa, through the right nostril is pingalaa and passing through the middle is sushumnaa. Idaa is related to Moon, Pingalaa to Sun and sushumnaa to fire (agui). For an ordinary man these three kinds of breath do not make much dif-ference but for a yogic person who practises Pranaayaama (breathing exercises) daily, the subtle differences are felt and many informations about the cosmic environment are furnished. So at the beginning of every action the astrologer should examine the flow of his breath.(swara).
Examination of the breath (swara)
When the querist or messenger approaches the astrologer and asks
a question to him the astrologer examines the nature and other qualities
of his breath; it is ordained that not only at the time of the meeting the
querist but every day at the morning as soon as he gets up from bed
astrologer should examine the flow of breath. Examination of breath is
done in two ways. I. Through which nostril the breath passes. 2.to which
primordial element the breath is connected. ( the primordial elements are
five -prudhweei (earth principle), 2,Jala (watery principle) 3,Agni (fire
principle) 4.vaayu (air principle) 5-Aakaasa (ethery principle). The
first is known by feeling the breath by placing the palm with fingers up under the nose and the seond is felt by measuring the length of the breath emanating from nose by putting his palm below the navel. The earthy breath has a length of 16 angulas, the watery has 12 angulas. the firy has 8 angulas, the airy has 6 angulas, and ethery has 3 angulas.
Results of different kinds of breath
1.On the days ofbenefic planets i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Thurs-day, Friday if the breath is passing through the left nostril it indicates good results. If on these days the breath is passing through the right nostril it forbodes bad results.
2.0n the days of malefic planets i.e.Sunday, Tuesday and Satur-day. if the breath passes through the right nostril it indicates goc re-sults; on the contrary if it passes through left nostril it indicates bad results.ln any day at the time of waking up if the breath’s passing is found favourable the experience of astrologer for the whole day will be good. If it is not favourable there will be quarrel,loss of sleep and even difficulty in attending nature’s call. According to swara sassthra The breath is so intimately connected with the day to day experience of a man.
3. So also along with the passage of the breath through left or right nostril its connection with the primordial elements also should be ascer-tained ny camming its length and the effect be decided accordingly. The following table explains the result of the relaiion of the breath with pri-mordial elements.
4.1ndications about the messenger from the breath of the astrolo-
ger. If the messenger occupies the side of the nostril through which the breath passes and if the breath is connected with earth or water the querist will be long-lived, virtuous, and blessed with wife and children and wealthy.On the contrary if the breath is related to Fire, Air and Ether and the messenger occupies the breathless side of the astrologer the messen-ger will suffer loss ofwife,children and wealth.
Other indications froms breath
In snort the breath of the astrologer at the time of query acts as a
meter of the planetary vibrations for the time.This can be explained in
this way. When the querist comes into contact with the astrologer there is
an interaction between the cosmic forces of both and the astrologer be-comes able to gauge the experiences of the querist. The identities of both merge together and a third force is created there which gives the clue about the result of the query. That force is coming through the nostril of the astrologer and gives an indication of the charged atmosphere.ln this way astrologer is enabled to make the correct prediction. The astrologer becomes the medium or carrier of the cosmic force.
So also in a query’ regarding a lost article the flow of breath helps to predict whether the lost article will be got back or not. If breath of astrologer is seen passing through the left nostril on Monday, Wednes-day, Thursday, and Friday- the days of benefic planets- favourable re-sults will be experienced. The results will be bad on the contrary if the breath is seen passing through the right nostril on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday- the days of malefic planets. But the passing of breath through the right nostril on days of good planets, and through the left nostrils on the days of bad planets it is not favourable.
If the breath is found to be favourable as stated above the total experiences of the day will be good. He will gain money, sumptuous food and other favourable things. If breath is seen unfavourable as stated above the whole experience of the day also will be unfavourable, he will not get good food, he will quarrel with everybody, will not get sound sleep, and feel discomfort in answering the calls of nature.breath not favourable on week-days-
Sunday=pain all over the body;
Monday= quarrel:
Tuesday=death for himself or relatives;
Wednesday=trips to dis-tant places.
:Friday=failure in undertakings;
Saturday==loss of money,valour, crops, litigation regarding land.

Unfa-vourable Result of breath through particular nostril for eight consecu-tive days. Sundays- If breath passes through left nostril-Death or death like calamity for preceptor or senior relative. Mondays-If breath passes through right nostril III luck to children or relatives. Tuesdays- if breath passes through the left nostril imprisonment at the hands of enemies.
Wednesdays- if breath passes through right nostril severe illness or even
death.Thlirsdays- if breath passes through the right nostril danger to
preceptor.Fridays- if breath passes through right nostril loss of money,
Saturdays- if breath passes through the left nostril ruin of house or death
of wife. The breath is related to five premordial elements also namely-
Earth. Water. Fire. Wind. F.ther.-This is to he assessed hv measiiriiw the-
length of breath. Coming through the nostril.-Earthy= 16 angulas,Wateiy= 12 angulas.Firy=8 angulas.Airy= 6 angulas., Etheiy= 3 angulas.The breath should be long and continuous. Broken breath is unfavourable.

Results of primordial breath

Earthy= if on the first lunar day in the bright half the breath is seen earthy and passes through the left nostril good results like loftey houses and coronation can be predicted. Watery breath= he will dig tanks, wells and celebrate marriage. Firy breath-troule from enemies, will have wounds from weapons.and ulcers.house will be burnt down, will fall down from height, children will be injured by fire. Airy breath-fear from thieves, leaving one’s native place, riding horses and elephants. Ethery breath- he will be initiated to chanting manthrasaasthra, spend money on building temples, take manthradeeksha, but his health will dwindle..In a horary regarding theft the earthy breath indicates that the article is hidden under the earth, the watery breath indicates it will be under water.Firy breath indicates that it is kept on ground. Airy breath indicates that it is-In a smoky comer.Eherial breath indicates that it is kept somewhere up.

Other indications from breath - sw»ra

If the astrologer meets the querist on the same side as his breath of the earthy or watery type, he will be endowed with long life, wife and children and wealth. If she is a woman she will have a good husband. If on the other hand, the querist is placed on the opposite side or if the breath is of other type the effect also will be opposite.ida nadee is good at the starting time and Pingalaanadee is favourable for entering a place.
Sushumnaa is favourable only for yoagic practice.ln a query about sick-
ness , if the query comes from the right ,when the breath passes through
the same side, then prediction is to be made that sickness will be cured.lf
the query comes from the left, when the breath passes through the same
side, prediction should be made that the sickness will be aggravated.lf
the sick person happens to be a women,it should be from the left side.for
relief and from the right side for aggravation of the disease. When the
query is put from the left and the breath flows through the right or vice
versa, then the sick man will get relief only with great difficulty. If the
query is made from the side the astrologer inhales, then there will be
relief. When this happens when he exhales it is not favourable for the
sickness.At the time of query if there is no indication of death, inauspi-
cious sight, talk or thought and if the messenger and the breath are on the same side, the sick person be cured otherwise not. If the query is made when the Moon is waxing, the messenger or querist standing in front of or in a a raised place or on the left side and the astrologer’s breath is governed by the Moon, then the querist will have all his desires fillfilled-lf when the Moon is wainirig, the messenger stands below or on the right side and the breath is governed by the Sun ,then also prediction of good results can be made. At the time of query, as the astrologer feels comfort-able or otherwise , when doing his daily routine work such as sleep, bathe, eating, so will be the effect of the queryst. irrespective of position of the querist or the flow of breath. If after putting the query the person stands still and unwavering ,it can be predicted that the sick man will not die. In benefic days when the Moon is waxing and the breath flows in the left it indicates good . On malefic days when the Moon is waning if the breath flows in the right it indicates good. In a query regarding battle if the person starts when breath passes through his left nostril and reaches the battle ground when the breath passes through the right nostril and if the enemy stands on the side where there is no breath the person will defeat the opponent. The reverse will be the result in the reverse condi-tion. Right breath is favourable at the time of eating, bathing, business transaction, debating, gambling, fighting and mating. It is also good when the person is afraid or disappointed. Left side breath is good for travel, dressing, wearing ornaments, marriage, talk of reconciliation, gifting, or entering a house, while seeing a pregnant lady if breath passes through right nostril it can be said that the child is male. If through left nostril the child will be female. When a pregnant lady asks about the sex of the child in womb if she stands on the side of the breath it is male child. If not it will be a female child. When somebody wants to win any undertaking in life he should start when the breath is in the left and enter the destina-tion when the breath is in right. When a question is asked regarding the invasion by an army if the breath passes through the left the prediction can be made that there will be no invasion. If through the right there will be an attack. In a question pertaining to birth if the astrologer’s breath is etherial the child will die in the womb. If the question is asked from the side where there is breath and passes to the side where there is no breath it can be predicted that a still child will be born.
Similarities in the experiences of the querist and astrologer
It is a coincidence in horary that the astrologer feels the same

experience as those of the querist. If at the time of query the astrologer is bathing, eating, sleeping, or doing any other thing it can be said that the querist also feels the same experiences. Suppose at the time the querist reaches the astrologer is searching for some lost articles it can be said that the query is about some stolen article.
Idaa vaamaa bhavaennaodee soamasyaarkasya dakshinaa
Kaamyam swaclsapareekshanam budhwaaprahhaathaagamcie
Maedmyaah khalu shoadasaamgulam apaam dairghyam
Vahnaerdanthimithuangulam marutha aethaddyoonam
Vaaraeshwindubudhaclngiroabhrugubhuvaam vaamae charan
Bhowmaarkaarkidinaeshu dakshinagathoa nrunnaama
Sowmyaanaam divasaeshu dakshinagathoamshtoasathaam
Vakshyanthae marutho subhaasubhadayodh bhaedaah
Bhaagoeyathra maruth sfthifhihpunariha kshoanyacanjalae
Bhddgde thdthrd thdddekshydthdeyddiptimddnjyothirviddd
DeerghddyurgtlndVdth kalathrathanayah t)ushydddhcmdschd
Vtgndeydssdthdtthdd sthriyoopiviparee.’haethahphalam
Davae ddkshindbhddgdgdetthdpurushde rodgdathurde

Vaamaayaam thu subhuakuleeknlthathanow vaamaasrithae
Vaamae prucchathi chueth dhruvam gathagadaa vaamaa
chiram jeevathi
Daevae gathae prucchathi vaumabhaagae
Sffhithoa naroa dakshmathoa yadi syaafh
Vya1hl?aa’l athoasmaadapi krucchrasaadhyam
Vadanthi santhuh khalu roagajacltham
Aothmunoanubhavasthaeshu fhaadruKah prashturuchyathaam
Aathmaciyctstthaasadrusamakhilam prucchakasyaapivaachyam

Touching of the limbsby the Querist

As described in previous chapters during the process of query an invisible force which as per astrology is cosmic, is regulating the move-ments of the querist and his every movement and gesture have a bear-ing on the favourable or unfavourable nature of the results of query. According to the direction of the cosmic force he occupies a direction or touches his bodily limbs from which the nature of the planet influ-encing him can be known by the astrologer. So to get a clue to the result of the query the astrologer should very keenly observe the gestures of the native and the limbs he touches. There are 8 directions, 8 yoanis and 36 ways of touching these limbs which are enumerated below with their results in a tabular form. Among these, the signs also are assigned some yoanis and directions and limbs.
Aindryaam maeshavrushow agnikoanae miclhunabham
Yaamyaclm karkitasimhow sthah nairruthyaam disi kanyakaa
Vaarunyaam sthah thulaakeetow vaayukoanae dhanusthithih
Sowmyaam mrugagicatow syclathaam aisaanyaam disi
Bhoomichakramithiproaktham vishwakdaivavidah stthitham
Thathrayathra stthithah prashtaaprMchathyaaroodtabham hi
thath.(P.M.I/6) ‘
Dhwajoa dhoomascha simhascha saaramaeyoa vrushahkharf
Danthee koakakramaodaethae disaaswaindryaodishu
Stt’ iaah
Moordhni dhajoa ghraanaputae thu dhoomah
chaasyae harih sroathradrusoah swasamgnah
apnoathi narah kramaena dhanagoayacincicini bhooshaamapi
Gacchaed goa•vrushasindhuradh•wajaharisparsaena thishtt>
vri’ .
Sadyoasow vrushayaanadhaathrwiayithaamithraap”... .a
Danthistthoa gajcikciethusimhavrushabhastthaanam sprus.~t
Yaayaath danthivibhooshanoatthamasuhruthsathputhra
laabhaan kramaath
Dhoomastthoapicha dhoomakukkara kharadhwacimkha
pradaesaan sprusan
s’»akharaabhidhaanabalibhukdhoomastthalan sprusan
Vyaadhim puthravinaasamaethivipadam vitthakshayam
Sprashtaa gardabhakaakadhoomasunakaan marthyah stthithoa
Sadyoa yaathi vivaadagoahathimahaasaasthraarthibhaaryaa
Kaakastthoapi cha dhoomabhashakastthaanam sorusan

Ashtamangalaprasna Bandh-wdarthim dwijabhangamaethi cha mruthim neechaatthanooja apadam. (P.M. 1/71-73)
Vipareethoa vaa yaathi cha
Vinn~ifM tt~i/f pfintnnAnm nnntkl,nnthnn~

The First syllable in the word of the Querist

This chapter deals with an analysis of the syllables in the first word of the question asked by the querist to the astrologer. When the querist asks a question to the astrologer he does so inder the influence of the cosmic force vibrant for that time. So the words spoken by the querist indicate the planetary forces acting at that time. This is called prasna akshara- the letters in the question of the querist. These sylla-bles indicate the favourable or unfavourable nature of the question.For this purpose the lordship of syllables is assigned to different planets.
The syllables are classified into two sets.
I .swara(vowel) .l.vyanjana (consonants) or vargaaksharas Swaras- (in Sanskrit)A, Aa, E, Ee, U, Uu, Ru, Lu, Ae, Ai, 0, Ow, Am, Ah.
VyanJ’anaas(v&Tgaa.kstia.ras or consonants). Separate deities and
planets also are assigned to these letter

If the first letter of the question is napumsakaaksharafnga, Nja, Na,Na,ma.) It indicates bad to the querist. So also the letters belonging to Agni or Vaayu (ka,Kha,Cha,Ccha,Ta,Tta,Tha, Ttha,Pa,Pha,ya, Ra,Sha,Sa ) are not good-The letters oflndra(Ga,Ja,Da,Da,ba, la.Ha ) are medium.The syllables of Varuna(Jala) (Gha,Jha,Dta,Dha,Bha) are good.
To sum up if the words said by the querist are pleasant and sweet to hear it indicates good. If instead the words are harsh and unpleasant the results will be bad.
Syllable ascendant (Aksharalagna).
From the words said by the querist a special ascendant called aksharalagna is formulated and prediction is made based on it.

AakaasavaayuvclhnTvarnapoorvam thadganapoorvakam
Bhoothaartthavaachakam chaapi vachanam na subhapradam
Vargaeshwaksharapanchakarn pavanavahneendraambu-
Vaakyaadow thu napumsakaaksharcimatheevaanishtculcim
Dushtow maaruthapaavakow valaripurmadhyah prasastham
Deerghahraswavibhaagathah swaraganaaschaambhoa-
Sroathrapriyam vadathi vaa vachanam subham vaa
Yadwaartthapushtagiramaskhalithaam thadaaneem
Prashtaabhiyaathyabhimatham thwitharoanabheeshtam
Anthae visargasahitham vachanam cha vakthaa
Akachatathapayaa vargaa ravikuJ’asithasowmyajeeva-
Chandrasya cha nirdishtam prasnaepratthamoadbhavam
Gnaathwaa thasmaallagnam samgruhya subhaasubham
vadaeth prashtuh
Vargaadimadhyaparamaih varnaih pratthamoadbhavaih
Raasim lagnam pravadaeth sishtairyugmam kujagna
Sitharavijayoascha na chaivarn ravisasinaamaekaraa
Thasmaallagnaath pravadaeth prucchaasamayae
subhaasubham Sarvam(P.M. 1/110-112)


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