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Know all calculations, different lagna’s, positions of the 9 graha’s, latitudes, speed, motion, signs, their amsa’s, the upagrahas, panchanga, ishta kal, etc. portion of tithi and nakshatra, sahams, special points, and different tithis.

svasvadeçodbhavaiù sädhyaà lagnaà räçyudayaiù sphuöam
athädau vacmi kheöänäà jätirüpaguëänaham 9

atha kheöä raviçcandro maìgalaçca budhastathä
guruù çukraù çané rähuù ketuçcaite yathäkramam 10
then follows planets sun moon mars and mercury

Agni, Surya and Indra are the 3 important deities for Bhur, Bhuva and Svarga loka’s. If these deities are not pacified then these lokas will not be beneficial unto one.
The best names for the grahas;
Sun – Ra-vi = Agni – to me, let agni be auspicious unto me.
Moon – Chan-dra,
Mars – Man-gal,
Jupiter – Gu-ru, the one who burns (ru) away ignorance (gu).
Venus – Çu-kara, the one who does (kara) good things (Çu) i.e. Çukra.
Çani – Ça-né = the one who excludes (nI) all auspiciousness (Ça).
Rahu – Ra-hu, the one who suppresses (hu) the holy fire (ra).
Ketu – Ke-tu, the one who humiliates (tu) the creator (ka), who destroys ahamkara.
Through the 108 names, one should know the various forms of the planets.
tÇakRzinÉUpuÇa> ]I[eNÊra÷ketv>,
³ªra> ze;¢ha saEMya> ³ªr> ³ªryutae bux>. 11.
taträrkaçanibhüputräù kñéëendurähuketavaù
krüräù çeñagrahä saumyäù krüraù krürayuto budhaù 11
in the same vain sun saturn son of the earth moon without light Rahu ketu. harsh

The Sun, Saturn, Mars, the Moon without light, Rahu and Ketu are harsh planets. The rest of the graha’s are auspicious. Mercury if conjoined a harsh planet will become harsh.
The proper definition is not malefic, but harsh, i.e. they may do good but in a harsh way. The Moons definition of light is many. One method is to divide it into the 2 pakña’s. Another method is to define it based on the moons visibility by dividing the visibility into 2 halves. There are 15 tithis and half of 15 is 7,5 i.e. 8th tithi. Hence from Sukla Añöami to Krishna Añöami the Moon has atleast half light.
Another method is to divide it into 3 part based on the moods of the mother. The first 10 tithi’s is the mother in the mood of Durga (Bhu Çakti. The next 10 tithis correspond to Laxmi (Çri Çakti). The last 10 tithi’s correspond to Kali (Néla Çakti). This is the basis of the Navadurga (+Durga herself), The Navalaxmi (+Mahalaxmi) and the Dasamavidya.
Use with regards to Lagna.
If the Lagna lord is Krura, the native is Krura. If this lord is joined Saumya then the native is sometimes saumya, and vice versa. If the Lagna has Krura grahas the native will become Krüra after the age of maturity of the Graha in lagna.
Case 1: Visti Larsen – Lagna is Scorpio having 2 lords; Mars & Ketu both being Krüra indicates a Krüra behaviour. The Sun being in Lagna will dominate the behaviour and make the person very giving like the Sun but very arrogant.
Case 2: Meena Lagna, Sun & Venus in Lagna, whilst Lagna lord Jupiter is joined Mars and Mercury in 12th house. Focusing on the Graha’s in Lagna, the native will like the Sun (Krüra) after the age of 21/22, and after 25/26 the native will be extremely Saumya. However both traits will be there in the native, and the native will be extremely arrogant, whilst towards women the native will be extremely Saumya.
After the age of 30 (Jupiter) the native became extremely Krüra, due to the close conjunction of Mars with Jupiter. This happened when a relationship broke.
Case 3: Eric Rosenbush – Aries Lagna with Lagna Lord Mars with the Sun in the 9th house. After the age of 21 the Sun dominated fully. Sun will generally be very giving with regards to knowledge, but can also be extremely arrogant.
The Naväàça is important. Among the Grahas previously mentioned, a planet in trines to Naväàça Lagna will indicate the stronger influence on the Lagna.
Case 4: Zoran – Sag Lagna, with Jupiter conjoined Ketu. The native has a Saumya nature, but will be Krura at times, especially after 43. This is good from spiritual perspective.
Case 5: Andrea – Aries Lagna with Saturn in it, Lagna lord Mars is joined Rahu and Moon in Aquarius. The native is Krüra (cold behaviour due to Çani) The Lagna lord Mars is joined Rahu and Moon, and whilst Rahu is closer to the Lagna Lord, the Ätmakäraka is the Moon which will dominate much more over the native’s behaviour. This is close to the case of Vaishali, except AK is Mars, showing a very Krüra type behavior. Incase of Andrea, the Moon being joined Malefics indicates that when she takes on the activity of Moon (singing in her case) there will be a lot of disturbance around her. Rahu being the suppressor of the Garbha Agni shows that this disturbance can be caused due to eating bad food before taking on the activity of the Moon. Similarly she should avoid the colors of Mars and Rahu – Moons colors will be auspicious.
Case 6: Barbara having Virgo Lagna has no grahas in Lagna. The placement of the Lagna lord Mecury is joined. A similar case is that of Narasimha Rao, having Virgo Lagna with Mars, Venus and Saturn joined Lagna Lord in 8th house. Here his changeable nature around his Guru, is due to Jupiter having Graha Dristi on the Lagna Lord Mercury, hence he becomes Saumya around his Guru. Hence coming back to Barbara’s case, this Mercury is joined 6 planets – Ma, Su, Ju, Ve, Sa and Ketu. Depending on the association, the native will change their nature. Due to association with Guru’s – Venus is BK the native is very Saumya, same goes for association with Astrologers (Jupiter).
Case 7: Freedom Cole, Gemini Lagna with Mercury joined Sun in 4th. in Virgo. The native tends to be very arrogant when he takes a leadership role, and also when it comes to knowledge. Being that Mercury lords the Åtu during the summer months/Gåñma Åtu, where the Sun/Mars is the strongest, the native will be overly influenced by the Suns influence. However this nature tends to become very Saumya due to his association with his Guru – Jupiter has Graha dåñöi on Mercury and the Sun.
Chart 8: Sarvani has Pisces Lagna with Jupiter in Aquarius. She is Saumya by nature, but Jupiter is conjoining Aquarius. Aquarius is the most Krüra Rasi, and is also called Ravana. Hence at times (conjunction) her nature changes to Kumbha.
Among the Krüra Rasi’s; worst is Kumbha (Ravana), Våschika (vengeful), Makara (place of the dead - evil), Meña (desire for power- suns exaltation), Siàha (Arrogance, desire to leave stupidity and live in the jungle). Notice that the lords of the Räçi’s are malefics.
Dåñöi of Graha’s modifies the nature through associations, not due to internal nature. Rasi Dåñöi indicates a long term association which isn’t easy to get rid of, whilst Graha dåñöi will indicate a short term/temporary association. Example of me – Rahu, Mars, and Saturn have Graha Dåñöi on the Lagna, whilst Ketu and Rahu have Räçi Dåñöi on the same. Rahu is furthermore AK. The native will be cheated due to Rahu being AK, and the native will take on the Krüra nature of Rahu and the area of the same will be seen from the house where it’s posited. Similarly when the act of writing (3rd) comes up the native will be extremely cutting/Krüra, due to Ketu’s placement. Saturn’s dåñöi on the Lagna from the 11th house indicates that during the act of Tapasya the native will become very cold (Saturn). The placement of Mars in the 10th house having Graha Dåñöi on the Lagna will indicate that in the act of Karma Yoga, the native will become extremely aggressive and Krüra and force themselves through life.
Example of Eric Rosenbush; Rahu, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu has Räçi Dåñöi on the Lagna. Rahu has Graha Dåñöi on the Lagna. In matters of 5th house the native takes on a very skeptical nature due to Rahu. Lagna Lord being joined the Sun indicates that the Sun is on her head and dominating his direction, however Saturn’s Räçi Dåñöi on the Lagna causes claustrophobia due to the clash of opposites. Hence when Sun conjoins the Lagna Lord whilst Saturn has Räçi Dåñöi on the Lagna, the native will suffer from claustrophobia.
Example of Sarvani; Saturn and Rahu have Graha Dåñöi on the Lagna, whilst Sun has Räçi dåñöi. Sun being Krüra and a sign which doesn’t suit it (Maithuna Rasi) this makes the Sun quite inauspicious in the chart, and the worship of the Pratyädi Devata is vital in removing the negative influences on the Lagna.
Since the trines are mentioned the importance of the Drekkanas is vital, as this shows the focus and Karma Phala of the native. The Lagna Drekkana will indicate which of the trines become the most predominant. Incase of Eric his Lagna is in the 3rd Drekkana of Aries, hence Sagittarius will predominate his nature. This is the essence of seeing the Karma Phala in the Drekkana Chart.
Graha Tithi; the relationship between the Mana and the Atma is the most important relationship. This is symbolized by the Tithi one is born under. The Tithi shows the journey, and the elapsed degrees in the Tithi will indicate the seat one occupies during the journey. i.e. the seat will indicate which purpose one has during the journey.
Similarly the Tithi calculated between the AK and the Moon will show the journey of the atma’s fulfillment of desire. The Tithi can be calculated between any graha and the moon. I.e. Jupiter’s Tithi will indicate which Tithi one should start a Sambandha with ones Guru/Children, etc. If the Tithi is an inauspicious Tithi, the Sambandha will be afflicted/bad.
Mars is posited in Sarvani’s A7 indicating one of her relationships. Moon is 16:43 degrees away from Mars and indicates the Dvitiya Tithi. Dvitiya is lorded by Moon and causes the debilitation of Mars, hence there will be a fall (debilitation) before the relationship with the specific person breaks. Mars also lords the 9th house and is also Karaka for Brother. Sarvani’s father, brother and potential spouse have all suffered cerebral causes of death.
The relationship between Mercury and his Moon shows ones concept of knowledge, and which Sambandha and attitude one has with learning. This will show ones Mahavidya. The Graha presiding over the Tithi will indicate the aspiration (incase of Manushya Jataka we use Käla Chakra Lordship). The Mahavidya presiding over the Tithi will show the latent knowledge which the native will be blessed with. Incase of Freedom Cole this Vidya Tithi is indicated by Chaturthi (Mercury) hence his concept of learning is focused on learning itself. Incase of Sanjay Rath, the Tithi is Pratipad (Sun) indicating a desire to understand all knowledge. Eric and Visti have Krishna Ekadasi – indicating the lord Mars, showing the technical attitude towards knowledge. The placement of the lord of the Tithi shows how this Yoga manifests in a persons life. The placement of the Graha presiding over the Tithi will indicate which area of knowledge one will be interested in. The important bhavas for this placements are; 4th (Vidya), 10th (Siddhi), 5th (Dhi) and 9th (Gyana). The Lagna involved will indicate a desire for self-realization.
The lord of the Guru Tithi shows what the Guru desires of you. The deities presiding over the Tithi are the 8 forms of Çiva; Hara, Mahesvara, Shambu, Shoolapani, Pinakadrig, Çiva, Pasupati, Mahadeva.
Om Haraaya Namaù, Om Mahesvaraaya Namaù, Om Shambaave Namaù, Om Shülapanäye Namaù, Om Pinäkadrñe Namaù, Om Çiväya Namaù, Om Pasupatäye Namaù, Om Mahadevaaya Namaù are the mantra’s for each of them. These Mantra’s can be used based on the Chara Bhratri Karaka to ensure perfect relationship with the Guru’s Atma, or the lord of the Guru tithi to improve the physical level Sambandha.
Patikeçvara Linga
i. take the mud – going to buy the Linga - Hara
ii. mix water – making the linga - Mahesvara
iii. making/shaping the linga – also making - Shambu
iv. Call the lord - Shülapäëi
v. Put the linga on an asana - Pinäkadrñe
vi. Light the lamp - Siva
vii. Panchaupachara puja - Pasupati
viii. Ending the puja - Mahadeva
The type of Linga will depend on the Karaka of the AK’s house placement. This will ensure the purpose of the native’s atma will be fulfilled.
Sun - Copper
Moon - Spatik/Salt
Mars - Copper/Partikeshvara
Mercury- Gold/Rasa
Jupiter - Gold or wood (banyan tree)
Venus - Silver
Saturn - Black Stone
Rahu - Black Stone
Srila Prabhuda’s Guru Tithi is indicated by Dasami – Moon. Moon is 8th lord in the 6th house with 5th and 12th lord Mars. The placement in the 6th house indicates that service is required. This service was required through renunciation – 8th lord, and the focus is on Mars being 5th lord (spreading teachings) and in a foreign place (12th lord).
Visti’s Dakshina is indicated by Trayodasi with Jupiter in the 12th. Jupiter is 5th lord and 2nd lord indicating that the native must give knowledge which will ensure sustenance.
Next time we need to learn the 8 beejaksharas of agni.
svaRTma c idvanawae mn> k…mudbaNxv>,
sÅv<> àae´ae buxae va[Iàdayk>. 12.
sarvätmä ca divänätho manaù kumudabändhavaù
sattvaà kujo budhaiù prokto budho väëépradäyakaù 12
all atmas and lord of light mind excited/joyous. Strength Mars Mercury speech and their meaning.
atma: a (brahma akçara – that which caused creation) ma (me/i) – hence Atma.
Atma is there both in living and non-living. Atma may not have consciousness. Each object will have Atma. Atma is that which has independent existence. If the Atma is strong, the object will keep its created form, whilst if the Atma is weak the object is destroyed.
Jeeva-Atma means that living beings are attached to the Atma. Jupiter is the Käraka of Jeeva, just as Çani is the Käraka for Death. Brhaspati had this blessing of warding of death through his worship of Çiva in his form as Avadutteçvara as depicted in the Çiva Purana in the chapter on Avadutteçvara, Also read Avadutta Gita, Avadutta Brahmana. Venus/Çukräcarya is the one who helps us win over death, as he attained the blessings of the Sanjivani Mantra.
Incase of living beings the Paka Lagna becomes the Jéva, otherwise not. Incase of non-living beings, the Päka Lagna becomes Çani.
Param-Atma is that atma which is able to expand into many Jeevatma’s. One can have a predominance of Paramatma-amsa for temporary periods of time, just as in the case of Çri Parasurama where the Paramatma left him when he saw Çri Rama.
Çava means dead body and symbolizes the atma. When Jeevatma enters the body, this is caused by Çakti. Hence the Jeeva (Jupiter) uses the Çakti (Moon) to cause the birth. Hence to the word Çava we add Çakti Beeja (é). This becomes Çéva. This is why Kalika is also called Çavärudha. Kalika is depicted in two ways, depending on which foot she is using to stand on the Çava. The right foot is the case in the word; Çiva (Hrasya i) otherwise its Çéva (Dirgha i).
Incase of madness the important graha to look at is the position of Jupiter as madness is a curse of Jupiter on the Moon.
Sattva is seen from Mars – When Satya is strong ones strength is strong. Mars’ Tattva is Agni and with Agni comes the ability to see, hence sight is the actual source of strength. This sight resides in the 3rd eye.
One must understand the sources of strength;
1. The Atma Bala – when the Atma desires something, nothing can stand in its way and the house/sign will become strong.
2. Desire for learning (Mercury), application of Intelligence (Jupiter).
3. Similarly determine the reasons behind the other sources of strength.
Mercury rules speaking, but Akaña Tattva presides over the Gyanendriya and Karmendriya’s of sound. Mercury rules speech, because it rules the ability to copy sound/speech. Sarasvati is worshipped by mercury to have this ability. Her Beeja is Aim – this should be done in moderation as this can cause restlessness and such troubles. This can be balanced by Mauna Vrtam
` @e< ÿI— ïI— I— srSvTyE buÏjnne Svah om aià hréà çréà kléà sarasvatyai buddhajanane sväha Hreem balances all evils, whilst Shreem makes have good relationships with people. deveJyae }ansuodae É&guvIRyRàdyk>,
\i;iÉ> àakœtnE> àae´ZDayasUnuí Ê>od>. 13.
devejyo jïänasukhado bhågurvéryapradayakaù
åñibhiù präktanaiù proktaçchäyäsünuçca duùkhadaù 13
he who provides illumination to the devatas knowledge happiness bhågu giver of semen/vigour. As taught by rishi’s the son of chaya is the root of all sorrows.

Saravali states;
AaTma riv> zItkrStu vet> sÅv<> zizjae=w va[I,
gué>istae }anzuoe mdí ra÷> zain> kalnrSy Ê>om!.1.
ätmä raviù çétakarastu vetaù sattvaà dharäjaù çaçijo'tha väëé
guruùsito jïänaçukhe madaçca rähuù çäniù kälanarasya duùkham1
Päräçara and Saravali have each different definitions of Jïänaçukha. Incase of Päräçara he refers to Jupiter (devejyo) as being the cause of the ultimate knowledge of the universe. Saravali refers to the iha-loka Sukha caused by Venus.
An exalted Venus is like Bhågu and also refers to the form of the mother Laxmi who has the power to cause the entire creation through her Virya/Tejas. Tejas comes from Venus.
The method to use the Karaka is given in Saravali:
AaTmadyae ggngEb¡iliÉbRlvÄra>,
ÊbRlEÊRbRlaSte tu ivprIt<> klm!.2.
ätmädayo gaganagairbaàlibhirbalavattaräù
durbalairdurbaläste tu viparétaà çaneù kalam2
If the atma and other grahas are strong, their significances will be strong. Except incase of Saturn where when weak it will give less sorrow.
Kalyan Verma uses the world; Gagana meaning sky hence referring to the houses/bha-chakra.
The method of strength to be used is house-placements where the 6th house is the weakest house,
Sun; spirituality, Moon; mental balance, Mars; strength/sight, Mercury; Speech, Jupiter; knowledge, Venus; Material Comfort, Saturn; Sorrow, Rahu; ego.
One method is using Äñöakavarga (of either of the above mentioned kärakas) and seeing the contribution of bindus to the sign containing the Dasa lord. The NUMBER of bindus will indicate the level of the fruits of the specific Käraka. I.e. if Sun has a large contribution to the Dasa lords sign, the spirituality will be high.

Whichever houses aspected by Saturn will cause sorrow related to that house, unless the Käraka of the house is friendly towards Saturn. Bhågu states; the placement of Malefics in Dusthanas or Trikas is Good, as it shows the ability to fight. The placement of benefics in Kendras or Trikonas is auspicious as it shows the method of attaining the fruits of the Bhava.
This is ALSO to be applied to the Räçis. If a planet is debilitated it can cause Çrémanath yoga because it will have Graha dåñöi on its exaltation sign.
Example: Saturn in Lagna in Aries;
a) Saturn being placed in a quadrant is inauspicious
b) Saturn being placed in debilitation is again very inauspicious
c) Debilitated planets in quadrants is auspicious, and can cause Rajya Yoga. However this Rajya Yoga is caused at a specific cost.

In any Divisional charts, the aspect of Saturn on the Lagna will definitely cause sorrow in that aspect of life indicated by the Varga. Similarly look at the specific house in the Varga.
Example of (source of) Spirituality in Viàsäàça;
a) Sun gives Atmagyän and its placement in Viàsäàça will determine how/when the spirituality will increase.
b) The House the Sun is placed in will determine the latent spirituality. If its in an auspicious house the spirituality will be on the increase. i.e. 12th house will cause rejection of spirituality or little of the same, in the Viàsäàça.
c) The sign the Sun is placed in will determine which activity/karma the spirituality will go hand in hand with – i.e. Mercury’s signs will indicate that learning/Vidya will cause an increase in spirituality.
d) The lordship of the Sun will indicate what activity must begin/end to increase the spirituality. I.e. if Sun is 7th lord marriage/relationships will need to manifest.
e) Malefic signs/malefics joining will indicate that the activity must end before the spirituality increases, whilst benefics indicate the beginning.
f) See the most predominant influence on the Sun. If alone see the dispositor. This will indicate through which individual the knowledge will come. I.e. Sun ; self. Moon; family, mother/maternal people, Jupiter; Guru, etc.
Example of Barbara; Sun is in Marana Käraka Sthäna showing that
Combustion does not necessarily cause evil effects; it is instead a process of spiritual cleansing. It takes approximately 20 years for a Graha to enter (10 years) and leave (10 years) combustion. This can be done every morning with the beejas; Aà Hréà and Kroà.
Knowledge and Siddhäàça;
a) Jupiter is the Karaka of Gyana and its placement in the D-24 will show the level of knowledge of the native. If the knowledge comes easily the native will be very knowledgeable, hence on this basis look at the sign/house placement.
b) The Kendras, Trikonas and 11th houses are very auspicious for knowledge, whilst the 3rd house is the worst due to Marana karaka Sthäna, followed by the 6th house.
c) The sign placement, etc is to be determined using the logic for the Sun and spirituality.


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